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What is Tools Down?

Tools Down is an organisation dedicated to supporting and enhancing the wellbeing of tradies.

Being a tradie comes with its own set of unique challenges: meeting deadlines, managing cash flow, the weather, regulations and staffing challenges – to mention only a few. It’s a hard slog, so it’s no wonder tradies are over-represented in statistics relating to depression and suicide.

We wanted to do something about it: to encourage tradies to put the tools down; to take some time out, to look after themselves better, to be more physically and emotionally available for their families. We want to help tradies to find ways to run their businesses more efficiently and to create a community (on- and off-line) to share their experiences and have each other’s backs.

There are two arms to Tools Down, community and education. Through our events and online presence, we are building a strong and resilient community of tradies. We also offer training in business and soft skills, to give tradies the confidence and resources they need to become outstanding business operators and healthier, happier human beings.

Tools Down’s programs and events have been developed in consultation with mental health professionals and trades industry representatives to promote social wellbeing and self-care within this industry.

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