It’s Men’s Health Week – put the tools down and give yourself a breather

From Tools Down founder, Kate Russell…


Through my work as a mediator over the last 18 years I have been very fortunate to have met people from all walks of life. About 40% of my clients are tradies and over the years I have noticed that the majority of my tradie clients’ relationships break down because they are working ridiculous hours day in, day out. They are so busy trying to run their business that they are rarely at home; they are not available to help around the house and to look after the kids and even when they are at home they are often doing the books for the business.

Tradies are often very tired and stressed out; and that makes them grumpy and difficult to live with.

About 80% of tradies are either self employed or sub-contractors. They have the constant demand of managing cash flow issues; they work in a world of ever changing rules and regulations regarding workplace safety; they are often socially isolated due to the nature of the job and most importantly they are usually doing all of this for their families.

But by the time that I usually see these tradies it’s too late. Their marriages have ended, they are not seeing their kids as much as they would like to, they are often dealing with depression and some are hitting the bottle too hard.

This is a terrible outcome for a group of people who are working so hard. This is a terrible outcome for their families and in particular, their kids.

So I decided to do something about it. To encourage tradies to put the tools down; to take some time out, to look after themselves better, to be more physically and emotionally available for their families. To find ways to run their businesses more efficiently and to create a community (on-line and off-line) to share their experiences and have each other’s backs.

So I would strongly encourage all the tradies out there to put their tools down this Men’s Health Week and give yourself a break. You’re doing a great job and sometimes you need to take a breather.

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